About Niessing

Niessing Heaven diamond engagement ring
The pure, clear design of the Niessing Ring exposes the essential: The Sparkling Diamond
The Niessing Ring is the most beautiful way of setting a diamond: a simple ring band and a stone. Nothing else is needed. Form and function are in perfect harmony. Generations of Niessing designers have been inspired by this idea. Only the genuine Niessing ring has the punch mark ”Heart and Arrow”!
The Niessing Ring Round, the tension ring in its most primal form, was created in the late 1970s. Designed by the artist Walter Wittek, the original form has been protected by copyright as a work of art since 2001, and many museums have included it in their collections. Over the years, we have a created many other exceptional designs for tension rings: slender or sumptuous, simple or extravagant rings, rings with sensuous curves or rings with nearly austere strictness, true skywalkers, and small acrobats

Your Jewelry Designer

At Davidson Jewels, we design and build custom
jewelry,wedding bands and custom diamond engagement rings for you in our Calgary jewelry design studio, that captures the importance of the occasion. We
guide you through the experience of conceptualizing that engagement ring, and turning that concept into reality. We provide you with design guidance and support at every step of the process

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Davidson Jewels Calgary Jewelry Studio interior

We Listen to You

We start by getting to know you! Learning the story of you and your loved one is paramount to understanding the direction to take with your custom creation. You can have an idea of what you're looking for, or no idea at all, we can walk you through all of the options.

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jewelry designer drawing at the computer screen

We Design for You

Once we know about your needs, desires and budget, we work with you to bring your vision to life. To ensure that we create the perfect ring for you we employ state of the art 3D computer modelling and 3D printing to show you the design before the piece gets built.

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We Build For You

After the design has been finalized, we source the diamonds, gemstones and materials for you, using our expert connections around the world. Our highly experienced jewelers in Calgary and New York then create your unique ring, handcrafting it just for you.

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Making a modern diamond engagement ring