A Calgary Jewelry Store To Create Your Custom Engagement Ring

A Calgary Jewelry Store To Create Your Custom Engagement Ring



Our Process

 At Davidson Jewels, we specialize in bringing your vision to life. Our handcrafted custom jewelry includes wedding bands and custom-designed diamond engagement rings crafted with care in our Calgary jewelry store. Every custom engagement ring and every custom wedding band is designed to capture the importance of the occasion.

 We look forward to meeting you and guiding you through the experience of conceptualizing that engagement ring and helping you turn that dream into reality. We are here to support you at every step of the design process.

 Meet Your Jewelry Designer

 For over 30 years, Ian Davidson has been creating unique custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands for thousands of happy Calgarians. The same level of creativity and care is applied to every custom jewelry project he designs.

 "For the past five decades, I have traveled, studied, and pursued my passion for creating jewelry of unmatched beauty and timeless elegance, creating custom pieces as unique and special as the wearer of the piece. I am an artist and technician who strives to create finished pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. I work collaboratively with my clients, creating art that expresses their individuality."

 Our incredibly talented team of jewelry designers brings this same ethos of care and passion to every custom jewelry project they work on, ensuring your unique custom engagement ring is exactly as you imagined it.   

 How We Collaborate with You to Create Your Unique Custom Engagement Ring

 Each custom ring holds a story. To be able to create the engagement ring that not only tells your story but becomes an integral part of your journey together, we need to get to know you.

 Learning the story of you and your loved one is paramount to understanding the direction to take with your custom creation.

 We bring our skills and ideas to help you translate your vision, values, and memories into a precious keepsake.

 You can have an idea of what you're looking for or no idea at all. We can walk you through all the options, collaborating with you every step of the way to capture your story into a fully customized piece of beauty.

 It Starts with Your Story

 What brought you to this moment? What are the memories and values you want to tell as part of your story? Your custom engagement ring isn't only one part of your story. It tells the story of how you got here and becomes the holder of your story for the years to come. We want this process of designing your custom engagement ring and wedding bands to be an important and exciting chapter in your story too.

 The only one who can tell your story is you. We are here to listen and design a ring that holds your story true.

 Your Custom Jewelry Making Appointment

 Before we start on your custom jewelry design, we want to meet you. Join us for a one-on-one appointment with our Jewelry Designers in Calgary, or arrange to meet us virtually so we can start collaborating on your unique design. This is where we can discuss your vision, look at inspirational images, and talk about which gemstones, cuts, styles, and finishes will work best for you.

 This design appointment allows us to answer all your questions while taking you through the design process step by step. We provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions while you give us what information we need to design something remarkable for you.

 Once we know your needs and budget, we can estimate cost, feasibility, and timelines before we begin our design. To ensure that we create the perfect ring for you, we employ state-of-the-art 3D computer modeling and 3D printing to show you the design before the piece gets built. With your approval, we can get started on turning your dream into reality.

 Before your appointment, you are welcome to look through our gallery of custom jewelry to inspire your design. Or read a few of our articles on choosing an engagement ring or wedding set to help in your decision process.

 Choosing Your Gems

 The gemstone is the crown jewel of your custom engagement ring. You want to be sure you have chosen the right one.

 While custom diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice, several beautiful gemstones can all add sparkle and interest to your custom ring.

 Custom diamond engagement rings are a classic, with a beautiful, timeless aesthetic, high durability, and a clear sparkle that reflects the light perfectly.

 Custom sapphire engagement rings continue to rise as a popular engagement stone choice with their recognizable blue color. Sapphires also make for a beautiful accent gem, complementing your classic diamond.

 Custom ruby engagement rings are reminiscent of love and passion with their deep red hue, glorious as a focal gemstone or equally mesmerizing as a secondary stone in your custom design arrangement.

 Choosing Your Material

 The metal that your custom engagement ring is crafted from is as important as the style and stones. Gold may be the traditional choice, but more modern engagement ring and wedding band designs are made from a variety of other metals and materials. The material you choose reflects the values and tastes of you and your betrothed.

 At your appointment, we will discuss the merits of 18-karat white gold versus 18-karat yellow gold. We offer other varieties of gold, such as Rose Gold, Cedar Rosewood Gold, and Grey Gold. Platinum is also a great choice for its light color and durability, a rare material perfect for a ring so precious.

 With the use of CAD designs and 3D printing, we can create jewelry 3D models of your ring before you need to decide on a material. We feel this gives you the extra peace of mind in knowing the ring you end up with will be the right one.

 Thinking About Styles

 There are numerous styles you can choose for your custom ring. After all, this ring needs to suit both your fiancée's style and fit with your story as a couple.

 Styles vary by shape and structure and can either be traditional or modern.

 Traditional styles include the classic solitaire design, the four-prong, or the halo designs. Modern styles may be more detailed and intricate in design and tend to be unique.

 The style you prefer may be a rustic engagement ring, or you may have a vintage engagement ring you want to personalize or update.

 At your appointment, we will take you through the various styles available and discuss the materials and gemstones that go best with each.

 Creating An Original Design for You

 Our passion for creating custom jewelry that is both timeless and unique means we work tirelessly to craft that one-of-a-kind engagement ring or wedding band for you. We want you to walk away from the process with a ring that is as unique and special as you are.

 And because we specialize in custom designs, we start each piece from scratch, working with you to find that design that expresses your individuality, handcrafting this exclusive piece into an heirloom to match your personality and story. You won't find anyone else with a ring-like yours.

 Building Your Unique Engagement Ring

 After your design is finalized, we source the diamonds, gemstones, and materials for you, using our expert connections around the world. Our highly experienced jewelers in Calgary and New York then create your unique ring, handcrafting it just for you.

 Our decades of design experience and master craftsmanship mean your dream ring can be a reality. The experience of collaborating with your jewelry designer to create a hand-made unique custom ring just cannot be matched.

 Your Original Davidson Custom Engagement Ring Is Ready

 The entire process from your first appointment to picking up your custom ring typically takes about six weeks. Each ring is different so we will be able to give you an accurate timeline for your design at your first appointment. 

 We are honored to have been part of many beautiful love stories; we look forward to being part of yours. Book your appointment today.

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